Mozilla is the not-for-profit behind the lightning fast Firefox browser. We put people over profit to give everyone more power online.

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About Mozilla

Mozilla is a foundation that is the primary supporter of Firefox, a browser used by millions around the globe. The foundation itself is a non-profit that is a big supporter of open source software and has contributors from around the globe that help them build their products. If you are passionate about working on open source software that millions of people use, Mozilla could definitely be a fit for you.

Working Remotely At Mozilla

Mozilla has 10 offices around the world and a huge force of remote workers that work in over 30 countries. While not all of their positions are remote-friendly, many are and if you are looking to join their team you can be sure to find an opportunity that interests you.

Company History for Mozilla

1998 Mozilla Founded

The Mozilla project was started in 1998 after the code of Netscape was open sourced

2002 First version of Mozilla released

After several years of open source development, the company released the first version of the Mozilla 1.0 browser (later to be called FireFox)

2003 Mozilla Foundation Created

The Mozilla Foundation was created as a non-profit organization to support the Mozilla project and ensure that development would continue

2004 Firefox Released

The browser that continues to be popular to this day was released in it's first form

2013 Firefox OS Released

Mozilla released a full fledged operating system to unleash the full power of the web on smartphones

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