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GitLab is a fully open source company that makes developers lives easier by giving them tools to manage everything from their code base to their road map. They are extremely focused on developers and giving them they tools they need to ensure that their code goes out smoothly, on time, and even provide monitoring to make sure everything is working how it should.

When GitLab says they are open source, they mean it. Not only is their entire code base open source, they also have all of their company policies and ever salaries open. You can use their compensation calculator to see how they calculate salaries. Their adherence to being fully open source makes them a unique and interesting company to work for.

Company History for GitLab

2011 GitLab Started

GitLab was originally started by Dmitry Zaporozhets in Ukraine. You can even see the first commit here!

2013 Founders go full time

After a couple years of working on GitLab as an open source project, the early contributors and founders decide they want to go full time. This is when they launch GitLab enterprise.

2014 GitLab incorporated

GitLab becomes an official company.

2015 Y Combinator

In 2015 GitLab was accepted into the prestigious startup accelerator, Y Combinator.

2016 Growth & more

After Y Combinator, GitLab raised some money to grow the company and their reach and they continue to grow to this day.

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