Translate documents and websites into other languages for companies around the world

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What does a remote translator do?

If you have the ability to speak at least one other language, you can often find translation work. Translators primarily work on translating content (web text, blog posts, marketing materials, etc.) into another language for a company so it can target users around the world. Most often the work is paid on a per-word basis or by flat rate depending on the length of the document.

One of the newer ways that translators are making money is by live translating on video calls. You are normally a third party on Skype or Hangouts and help both of the people on the call speak to one another. It is very similar to being a translator in person, but is able to be done remotely given that you will be joining the two people via a platform like Skype or Bluejeans.

Average Day for a remote Translator

Learn more about some of the common tasks you will do on a daily basis in this role.

9 a.m. Start your day

You arrive at a co-working space and open up your laptop to begin your day.

9:30 a.m. Pick up where you left off

You only finished half of a client's document yesterday. You begin working on the translation from Spanish to English for some marketing materials you client wants to use in a new market.

11:30 a.m. Begin website translation

The same client wants their website translated. After finishing your morning translation, you begin working on their website.

1 p.m. Lunch


1:30 p.m. Call with work

Your manager wants to chat about a new client that is needing your services. You grab a quick call via Slack to start getting familiar with their needs.

2 p.m. Live translation

A client based in the United Kingdom is working with a new supplier in Mexico. They have you jump on a conference call with their new supplier and them to be backup in case any language issues arise.

3:30 p.m. Back to translating the website

You jump back into translating the website you began working on earlier in the day.

5 p.m. Finish up

You take a quick note what page you left off on the site and pack up your laptop.

Common deliverables for a translator

Learn more about some of the common tasks you will do on a daily basis in this role.

Translated Documents

You will often have to provide translations of documents to your clients. Most often it will be a word document with the original text and the translated text below it, but can also be web mockups or other types of documents that require translations.

Phone calls

If you are doing any live translation services, you will often be asked to jump on calls with clients. They want you there to make sure their meetings go smoothly and in case you need to translate what their customers or partners are saying.

by @austingrandt