Social Media Manager

Manage the online presence and interact with customers from around the world on social media.

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What does a remote social media manager do?

If you have a passion for creativity, customer engagement and turning fans into customers become a social media manager. You will act as the face of the company where you post and interact with the customers who reach out to you on social media. This role is often part customer service and part digital marketing. Customers often reach out to companies via social channels to get customer support or post about a great experience they had. It is important to have an active presence to acknowledge those customers and give them the experience they need for whatever company you work for.

Average Day for a remote Social Media Manager

Learn more about some of the common tasks you will do on a daily basis in this role.

9 a.m. Start your day

Sit down at your computer and start loading everything to start your day.

9:30 a.m. Check yesterdays posts

See how the posts you scheduled yesterday performed. One Twitter post happened to get picked up by some influencers so you forward the information on to the marketing manager.

10:30 a.m. Begin scheduling new posts

For your role, you manage both Facebook and Twitter. You use an automatic scheduling service to make sure you post at specific times throughout the day.

11:30 a.m. Customer Support

Some customers have DMed you on Twitter for some support on your product. You message them back and give them some support to solve the problems they were having.

1 p.m. Lunch


2 p.m. Compile Report

You compile a report for the marketing team to showcase your presence on social media over the last six months. Some key metrics you display are follower counts and social reach.

3:30 p.m. Check on today's posts

A quick check in to make sure your posts are being displayed at the correct times.

4:30 p.m. More Support

A few more customers have reached out via Twitter. You give them quick support before heading out for the day.

Common deliverables for a social media manager

Learn more about some of the common tasks you will do on a daily basis in this role.


You will often be asked to compile reports to show your social growth over time. Key metrics like impressions, shares, and follower counts should be included. Use data visualization to help your team understand your growth.

Customer Support

Social is becoming an increasingly popular channel for customer support and you will sometimes be required to give some support to your customers. At larger organizations social customer support can even be it's own entire job.


Write the copy for your social media posts. Effective social media managers know how to change the copy based on the target network and previous experience knowing what will perform well.

by @austingrandt