Graphic Designer

Use your design skills to create digital images that inspire and delight users.

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What does a remote graphic designer do?

If you have a knack for drawing and creating interesting designs with your hands, look into becoming a graphic designer. As a graphic designer you will be responsible for taking input from your client or team on how they want something to look and translating their ideas into art. Many of the common items you will be responsible for are items like logos, layouts or print or presentation materials, and color choice for new projects. While having a background in art is helpful, it isn't absolutely required as many graphic programs like Photoshop and Illustrator can help improve any drawing shortcoming one may have.

Common deliverables for a graphic designer

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Logos are often the first thing a customer interacts with for a business. Great graphic designers are able to create a logo that can easily display a company's name and give context to what the company does all from their graphic logo.

by @austingrandt