Email Marketing Specialist

A mix of digital marketing and copywriting to drive email signups and conversions

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What does a remote email marketing specialist do?

Email marketing is the entire process of acquiring, reaching, and marketing to customers via the channel of email. The acquisition phase is when a customer signs up for your email list to receive promotions or details about your product or service. After a user is signed up, it is now up to the email marketer to provide them with relevant content to help drive sales of their product. This could be through promotions or contextual blog posts that a user will find useful. Anything to keep the user engaged with the brand or service.

While most types of businesses now use some form of email marketing, it has been especially effective for software as a service and e-commerce businesses. They can often convert a customer online with their marketing and they invest heavily in having an active email list.

Companies hiring Email Marketing Specialists

by @austingrandt