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Write blog posts and other content to help build brand awareness.

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What does a remote content writer do?

Content is the lifeblood of the web. Content writers are responsible for planning and creating new content that engages users and brings more readers to a website. They are often responsible for writing blog posts or articles that readers will enjoy to trust and recognize your brand.

Content writing is different from copy writing as it requires marketing, writing, and web skills to effectively do. Content writers will need to make sure that their headlines draw readers in and their content delivers value, all while keeping long term SEO in mind. You will often work with other digital marketers to come up with the content strategy, but it will be up to you to put the ideas down on "paper".

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Average Day for a remote Content Writer

Learn more about some of the common tasks you will do on a daily basis in this role.

9 a.m. Get your day started

Sit down at your computer and check emails and slack messages from co-workers on different time zones

10 a.m. Daily meeting with content team

You jump onto a Skype call with your small team of other content writers and digital marketers. You discuss this weeks plan of content and give a status update on the posts you are responsible for.

10:30 a.m. Write

After you get off your call you jump into writing up a post that has a deadline for the rough draft this afternoon.

noon Lunch


12:30 p.m. Chat with co-worker

One of the SEO Specialists starts a chat with you to talk about changing the target keyword for a post you are writing.

1 p.m. Write again

Keep working on the finishing touches for the piece this afternoon.

2 p.m. Review edits

Your editor returned two articles with feedback and changes you need to make. You take a look at these and do some re-writes.

4 p.m. Analytics check-in

One of the digital marketers checks-in with you about how your latest posts have been performing.

5:30 p.m. Finish up

You return the edited stories to your editor and sign off for the day.

Common deliverables for a content writer

Learn more about some of the common tasks you will do on a daily basis in this role.

Blog posts

The core type of content you will often be writing are blog posts. Depending on your client or job, the length and type of writing will differ. Be prepared to research and write on topics in various industries as you grow and get different assignments.


If you are writing for a more enterprise or technical site, you will likely have to conduct research. Before you cite your research in your articles, you will have to run it by fact-checkers to ensure authenticity.

Content Ideas

Always have some ideas for articles to post to your site. Readers often expect fresh content and it is important to work with your team to get feedback on ideas for new and fresh content.

by @austingrandt